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  AMS_Zandvoort2014_SRW from rfactor

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jack r1

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PostSubject: AMS_Zandvoort2014_SRW from rfactor   Today at 6:34 pm

Heloo guys.

Other track from simraceway.
-5 layouts for this track
(1rst base downloaded in GTSpeedster youtube chanel site). Texture Adjustment by me. Who converted to AMS is GTSpeedster. To rfactor probabyli chase25's.
Adjustment almost all DDS. textures by me. Some changes or adjustments in gdb, scn and aiw file and dds textures are needed, such as intensity of color, lighting, contrast, type and model of sky, skybox, horizon, road map texture, shade and textures of trees, rmbles and grass model, etc ...


My version for these tracks does not have any shader developed by the reza, only sky, trees and loading screen.

- I had two problems. The first was that I could not put the right solar orientation, which comes in the afternoon of the main straight and not the grandstand, like this one. The second is that the sun does not set, I have no idea why, the track is dark and the sky is not. Help will be very welcome guys. But it does not get in the way of running during the day
- I do not know how it will work in multiplayer mode.

I hope you like and have fun.
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PostSubject: Re: AMS_Zandvoort2014_SRW from rfactor   Today at 8:33 pm

Thank you.
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AMS_Zandvoort2014_SRW from rfactor
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